Sunday, November 30, 2008

"So, you are Kuba's daughter..."

Thanks to Lukasz's fine detective work, Roma has a rendezvous with Mr. S - a survivor living in Israel who knew her father.

Simply amazing.
Dear Lukasz,

I spoke to Mr. S by telephone today, and arranged a meeting on Saturday Dec 13th. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting even my short conversation was, and what a miraculous discovery you have made!

He said right away to me: "So, you are Kuba's daughter." My father's nickname based on Jakub! He knew my father's first wife Anna Katz and her family. He knew where Anna Katz is buried in Krakow (died 1943). He is from Przemysl, and knew my father there, and doubtless my mother's family as well. Finally, my father actually lived with him and his family for a year-and-a-half at the end of the war.

I believe Mr. S will be the most important window into who my father really was. As I mentioned, I have not been able to find anyone alive who knew him even in Montreal, much less through these important stages of his life that I know nothing about. It is nothing short of a stunning piece of research, Lukasz; you are amazing.

I am hoping to meet with Yoram as well. He has been kind enough to invite me to his place.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
love, Roma

An interesting sidebar: Mr S is the son of the former director and chief physician of the Jewish Hospital in Przemysl.


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